Lovers’ Quarrel by R. Rozakis

Shavi peered over the edge of the garrison rooftop. A quick scan of the dark courtyard below revealed the guards standing exactly where her information had indicated they would be. She eased back down, careful not to make any sudden movements that would attract notice. They might not be able to reach her on the roof with their halberds, but archers could be summoned with a single shout. … Continue readingLovers’ Quarrel by R. Rozakis

To Remember the Good TImes by Michelle Ann King

From its reception building, you’d think Meadowside Lodge was a hotel rather than a storage facility – the walls are painted sunshine yellow, the chairs are plush and comfortable, and there are always fresh flowers on the desk. It’s those little extras that make Meadowside stand out from the usual cryo-sheds. That, and the fact they never complain about how often you want to thaw someone out. … Continue readingTo Remember the Good TImes by Michelle Ann King

Awake by I. K. Paterson-Harkness

I punch at the yellow button with my thumb, trying to stop the bus. A siren is shrieking, coming from a speaker beside my head. I shout at the driver. “What the hell’s going on?” The driver’s posture doesn’t change. I look behind me at the back seats. I’m the only one in here. Everyone else has already gotten off. Out the window the street is crowded with men, women, and children dressed in dark suits. Their pale faces turn one by one to stare at me. “It’s Your Turn,” they whisper, lips shut. “Your … Turn.” … Continue readingAwake by I. K. Paterson-Harkness