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David Farland's Daily Kick in the Pants:

An Excerpt from one of Mr. Farland's "Daily Kicks" (this was posted in my private office where I snagged it, where almost 400 writers and quite a few editors pick and jab) An excerpt: LOVE

A story needs to be honest in one other major way: it needs to be honest in the way that it arouses emotions. Some authors try to fake it. They hope to arouse emotions by use of heightened language. For example, they might try to get a reader to believe that a character's love is great simply by affecting pretty language or by making vague assertions. "Ah, no one has ever felt a love so pure and true as what Tristan felt for Emily. The love in his heart was a soaring thing, like an eagle with a course set for the moon, its wings spanning the heavens."

Well, that's not how one arouses emotions. One arouses emotions by engrossing a reader, placing him or her into a fictive universe so completely that the conscious mind is convinced that the reader is in fact living the events of the tale. Once that happens, then the events themselves arouse the emotions. In an honest story, we don't talk about how much Tristan loves Emily—we make Emily so demonstrably lovable that the reader falls in love with her. Once that happens, we need not talk about his love for her at all.