Zombie Love by Lela E. Buis

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Narrated by Lela E. Buis

Zombie Love by Lela E. Buis
Illustration by Sue Babcock

You are a bokor that has stolen my soul.
I have no will now of my own.
I am your slave, your slut,
I wait for you to come home,
Clothed in Victoria’s Secret
Arranged carefully on the sofa
In front of the TV.

At the club downtown
I dance to your music,
The drumming of your blood
Beating through the heartthrob
Arteries and veins of my being.
The mindless conversation
And salt on the Margarita rim
Useless to save me.

You have bottled my essence,
Keeping me like old wine
Stoppered with wax in the cellar
Of your existence.
Will you trade my astral soul
For a night with the boys?
For this year’s Super Bowl party?
Until I evaporate,
Gone to vinegar in the dark.


BIO: Lela E. Buis is an award-winning writer, poet, playwright and artist. She grew up in East Tennessee and lived for a long time in Florida, working in engineering at Kennedy Space Center and as a teacher of various subjects. She began writing as a child and leans toward genre fiction, having published mainly science fiction and fantasy stories and poetry. When she’s not painting or writing, she looks after a disabled cat and two part time dogs