The Woman With Leaves in Her Hair by Stephanie Smith

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The Woman With Leaves in Her Hair by Stephanie Smith
Illustration by Sue Babcock
Diners pass daydreams across the table
The woman with leaves in her hair
sighs and sips on darkness,
mascara made of crematorium ash
dripping from her eyes

She fears aging
and reads obituaries for comfort
at the end of the day
Cuts out the old people
and pastes them in a scrapbook
Tucks it neatly away
on a closet shelf

For now she smiles politely,
pretends she’s got a grip on life
But there is no doubting the sadness,
the crumbs she is left to clean up
when the guests turn in for the night,
left scattered on the tablecloth
like false rumors. Smeared lipstick on wine glasses
she’s never quite able to get out
And the stains of a thousand stories
forever on the carpet,
tormenting her for the rest of her life


BIO: Stephanie Smith is a poet and writer from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in such publications as Pif Magazine, Illumen, The Literary Hatchet, Poetry Quarterly, The Horror Zine, and Bete Noire.