The Whirling Universe, a Delirious Belly Dancer & Femme Fatale by Dr. Mel Waldman

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The Whirling Universe by Dr Mel Waldman
Illustration by Sue Babcock

At dawn, the young man with gold eyes gazes at the yellow-orange sphere rising in the turquoise sky;

& crepuscular insects wake up and bathe in the soothing heat, like tourists at a pool in Key West working on a rich tropical suntan.

On this sumptuous, sensuous August morning, the Earth and all its creatures bask in the sultry sun, the voluptuous Queen of the sky.

The whirling universe, a delirious belly dancer and femme fatale, dances erotically in a circle of ecstasy.

The planets and stars curiously observe the universe. Mars glances longingly at Venus. She smiles coyly at him.

And the mysterious Source of all life wears a sprawling smile that covers Existence. All is well until He falls asleep for a microsecond of eternity.

Now, Mars courts Venus, sings a love song he composed, and gives her a flower, plucked from the Garden of the Soul. Soon, they enchant each other.

Mars merges with Venus who passionately welcomes him. He enters her secret garden, thrusts his power through a divine opening behind the plush bushes, causing an explosion

of joy for Venus and Mars that reverberates across the whirling universe, a grand orgasm for the eternal femme fatale;

& lost innocence for all creatures and things emerging from the mysterious Source that slept for a microsecond of eternity


Dr. Mel Waldman is a psychologist, poet, and writer whose stories have appeared in numerous magazines including HARDBOILED DETECTIVE, HARDBOILED, DETECTIVE STORY MAGAZINE, ESPIONAGE, THE SAINT, DOWN IN THE DIRT, C C & D, PULP METAL MAGAZINE, INNER SINS, YELLOW MAMA, and AUDIENCE. His poems have been widely published in magazines and books including LIQUID IMAGINATION, THE BROOKLYN LITERARY REVIEW, THE BROOKLYN VOICE, BRICKPLIGHT, SKIVE MAGAZINE, ODDBALL MAGAZINE, POETRY PACIFIC, POETICA, RED FEZ, SQUAWK BACK, SWEET ANNIE & SWEET PEA REVIEW, THE JEWISH LITERARY JOURNAL, THE JEWISH PRESS, THE JERUSALEM POST, HOTMETAL PRESS, MAD SWIRL, HAGGARD & HALLOO, ASCENT ASPIRATIONS, and NAMASTE FIJI: THE INTERNATIONAL ANTHOLOGY OF POETRY. A past winner of the literary GRADIVA AWARD in Psychoanalysis, he was nominated for a PUSHCART PRIZE in literature and is the author of 11 books. Four of his mystery, fantasy, and horror stories will be published by POSTSCRIPTS, a British magazine and international anthology, in October/November 2014. He recently completed an experimental mystery novel inspired by one of Freud’s case studies and is looking for an agent. He has been inspired for decades by his patients and their heroic stories of trauma and survival.