View by Jonel Abellanosa

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Narrated by Jonel Abellanosa

View by Jonel Abellanosa
Illustration by Sue Babcock

In this airless expanse
I’m not spacewalking,
my helmet a space with a dome.
Neither of light, nor with weight,
I’m carried by my body’s earthly
hum, my suit a jealous lover.

Blue in this deep space
of my mind is brighter than
solitude or land masses
thousands of miles below
stringed with brassy lights.
Here I see Earth’s curvature,
nothing complicates the night.

I push my propulsive seat
to slow for life support, gauge
the panorama. I don’t see it
but wars are down there, sorrow,
hunger of the many, fullness
and richness of the few,
over a dying planet.


BIO: Jonel Abellanosa lives in Cebu City, the Philippines. He is a nature lover, an environmental advocate, and loves all animals particularly dogs. His poetry and fiction have appeared in hundreds of literary journals and anthologies. His poetry collections include, “Meditations” (Alien Buddha Press), “Songs from My Mind’s Tree” and “Multiverse” (Clare Songbirds Publishing House), “50 Acrostic Poems,” (Cyberwit, India), “In the Donald’s Time” (Poetic Justice Books and Art), and his speculative poetry collection, “Pan’s Saxophone” (Weasel Press). He loves to self-study the sciences.