Validation by Lee Nash

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Narrated by Lee Nash

Validation by Lee Nash
Illustration by Sue Babcock

For Jenny1

Every insignificant thing
is now vital:

I feel a muon
pass through me

hear the pause
before a songbird loosens its throat –

each window
opens onto your face

& your I-beam blinks

your paper cut
is a mortal wound

your spinning arms
are a distant pulsar –

your Bunsen burner
goes supernova –

your death eclipses
the death of a star

do we waive the blame
or blame the wave?

two plumed white horses
& a glass-sided carriage –

a tiny blip
has become the world

a weak signal
the tocsin

1 In memory of Jenny Fry, 15, an English schoolgirl who was found hanged in 2015. She claimed to suffer from an allergy to WiFi. A note in her diary, and another saved on her laptop, read: “I have no hope for humanity; we are destroying this beautiful earth as we speak. I am insignificant, an insignificant number on someone’s screen and so is my life, a tiny blip in the whole existence of the universe. And I find it hard to be hopeful when I can hardly enjoy anything anymore.”


BIO: Lee Nash writes poetry and flash fiction. Her work has appeared in diverse journals and anthologies, including Acorn, Ambit, Angle, Magma, Mezzo Cammin, Slice, Southword, and “The Best Small Fictions 2019.” Her first poetry chapbook, “Ash Keys,” was published by Flutter Press. She was a 2018 Bath Flash Fiction Award prizewinner, a joint winner of the 2019 Princemere Poetry Prize, and is First Prize winner in Fish Publishing’s 2020 The Lockdown Prize (haiku and senryu category).
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