tick tick tick by John Reinhart

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Narrated by John Reinhart


I got drunk last night and screamed
until my hands bled I chewed
my fingernails my hair and tore
attempting to get through again to emptiness
instead pillaged me leaving me
an unmanned husk broken

upon an unknown reef

I called for help but the only reply was
an echo the candle blew out soaked by my tears
I could hear in darkness the muted sounds of
a clock ticking away my chest


AUTHOR BIO: John Reinhart lives in the Weird, between now and never, collecting and protecting discarded treasures, and whistling combinations of every tune he knows. He is a one-time beginner yo-yo champion, a state fiddle and guitar champion, a high school English teacher, a tinkerer, and certifiable eccentric. His poetry has recently been published in The Vocabula Review, Black Heart Magazine, Poetry Nook Magazine, FishFood & LavaJuice Magazine, Apeiron Review, Star*Line, and forthcoming from 94 Creations Journal.