they’ll hear me sing by Elizabeth Train-Brown

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Narrated by Elizabeth Train-Brown
next door
 through our too-thin walls
 hear me serenade the vodka
 croon through wisps of smoke
 that they can’t see 
 (but they’ll smell outside).
 at night they’ll hear me scratch
 the walls
 hammer in time with my heart
 smash vases
 mirrors on the walls
 howl words they don’t know.
 whistle in the morning
 set off the fire alarm.
 they’ll hear me scream 
 in the night
 at men who aren’t there.

BIO: Elizabeth Train-Brown is a circus performer and award-winning journalist, studying Creative Writing at Lancaster University. She is the Editor at TL Publishing, Poetry & Fiction Editor for Flash Literary Journal, Poetry Staff Writer at Saturdaze Magazine, and winner of the 2020 Literary Lancashire Award. Her work has been published in over 20 journals and anthologies, including Planet in Peril (Fly on the Wall Press, 2019), Allegro, Blue Marble Review, The Cannon’s Mouth, Defunkt Magazine, Abridged, and Crossways Journal.