The Undead and the Unread by Tom Byers

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Narrated by Tom Byers


The Undead and the Unread by Tom Byers

When the dead
crawl out of the Earth
as zombies,
the monster that used to be Descartes
will burst through a window
of a professor’s mansion,
devour her husband,
then, bloody-handed,
open a book
to reignite his brain
with impossible thoughts
about the evolution of observation
in a world of uncollapsible Schrodinger waves.

Groaning in amazement,
the zombie will write
on a napkin
with the husband’s blood
that no-one can imagine
how the world would look
to no observer,
so properly imagined
Devonian seas
require the sight
of One Who Oversees.

He will tell the professor,
“My Word, another proof
that God exists!
An ocean’s wave can never break
without a shore!”

The undead genius
will stare in wonder
through the broken window
toward our neighbor galaxy,
as the angry professor
plants a mattock in his head
and shoves him into flames
along with his bloody napkin,
forever to remain unread.


AUTHOR BIO: Tom has been an anthropologist, a sales consultant and a wood thrower among other professions. He loves nature and culture when curious but hates them when they get in the way of free will, which is often. His most dubious accomplishments have been to contract malaria, typhoid and dengue fever. Dengue is the worst.