The Looking Hole by Phylinda Moore

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Narrated by Phylinda Moore

The Looking Hole by Phylinda Moore
Illustration by Sue Babcock


I drank this potion,
not out of curiosity, but desire.
now I’ve fallen down and down and down this hole.

don’t wake me,
or return me above ground.
I’ll stay finding fairy tales;
the barely understood
rabbit hole.

tell me nothing. leave me
to find my way in the woods. to live
these flowering nightmares,
to play endless games.
my mind bleeds.

Alice, I know
madness is nothing to the torture of silence,
waiting, passive returning.

hallucination is solid as reality.
I like it here,
enough to stay.


BIO: Phylinda lives in Philadelphia. Her book, Herculaneum’s Fortune, (Anaphora Literary Press) examines how Herculaneum and Pompeii’s destruction and excavation offer insight to our experience with chaos, loss, and transition. Recent journal publications include: Punchnel’s, Words and Images, Philadelphia Stories, and Zymbol. For more poetry please visit her website,