Switchblade Goddess: Book Review

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Book by Lucy A. Snyder

Review by Jezzy Wolfe

The third novel in the Jessie Shimmer series, SWITCHBLADE GODDESS is an urban fantasy thrill ride into eerie territory. Picking up on the heels of SHOTGUN SORCERESS, Jessie Shimmer must deal with the consequences of her momentary defeat of the evil Miko. But with her boyfriend and his brother tied up in a family emergency, and Jessie’s faithful ferrety spider familiar deathly ill, Jessie must destroy her nemesis and find a cure for Pal…alone. The stakes are significantly higher for the heroine and her lovable sidekick as they embark on a journey that takes them through portals, across the world, and into the very hellish depths of a demon’s soul.

Switchblade Goddess is, by contrast, a grittier story than its predecessors. The landscape is more surreal, fraught with overwhelming despair and uncertainty. Jessie is struggling to deal with the potential loss of everyone dear to her as she faces her worst nightmares head on. Her own guilt becomes an even tougher monster to vanquish than the evil that wants to enslave her. Winning this war will mean that Jessie must learn to forgive herself, and have confidence in the powers she has grown into.

In many ways, Jessie is a very normal woman. She is insecure, fearful, and reluctantly needful, but most women are–whether we admit it or not. She remains vulnerable, even when she‘s kicking major demon ass, and that allows the reader to identify with her, despite her impressive powers. But while filled with dark turns into hopelessness and degradation, the story still surprises with ‘laugh out loud’ moments. It’s not unlike a rollercoaster (minus the inconvenient nausea and resulting hair don’ts.)

If you’re looking for a tale that chills as it amuses, look no further. Jessie and Pal are endearing characters you can’t help but root for. Add to that a plot that is fast-paced, addictive, and tumultuous. As the third installment in a series that I proclaimed was basically as good as it gets…

Switchblade Goddess is even better.

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