Suburban Corporate Ecosystem by Jeff M. Combs

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Suburban Corporate Ecosystem by Jeff M. Combs
Suburban Corporate Ecosystem by Jeff M. Combs

Made up words fill your brain
as a giant insect
devours the VP of finance.

You laugh at the randomness
of corporate ecology.

Paramedics haul away
a cubicle serf
injured in a stapler mishap.

You press the button
for automated hot chocolate
and gulp down a brief escape
from the fatal system error
that invades your screen.

You try to block out
the blabbering nonsense
seeping out of neighboring cubicles
and recover a small portion
of the day’s abstract toil.

To preserve your place
in the office ecosystem
you choke down the scream
before it works its way out of your mouth.

Traffic crawls even slower than usual.
You look ahead and see
a man working away on the road
as three others stand nearby and “supervise.”

Four miles and an hour later
you’re home.

The cable is out.
The dog is dead.
The air conditioner is broken.
The stars shine outside.


BIO: Jeff Combs lives in Atlanta with his wife Carmen and four year old son Sam.  He enjoys playing with language, inventing crazy stories, and painting.  Suburban Corporate Ecosystem, his first published poem, was inspired by memories of a former position as a technical writer in a massive cubicle farm.