Stop praying, girls by J.A. Grier

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Stop praying, girls by J.A. Grier
Stop praying, girls


Best you can ask for
is to get turned into a tree.
So be grateful for the sudden
mouthful of dirt,
the birds in your leafy hair
And you can thank your gods
he can only frot your
unresponsive bark, pushing
wood against wood,
coming in an indifferent knothole.
You surrendered the nails you
could have used inside his eyes,
gave up the screams and kicking
and the flesh that sometimes heals.
Instead you are rooted skywards
in humility of the virgin gift
as he finishes, panting, free to
walk away, his mind already on
another nymph-cum-laurel
who’s only crime is looking like
the way love should feel.









BIO: J.A. Grier is a fiction writer, poet, planetary scientist, and astronomy educator.  Dr. Grier’s stories and poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Space and Time, Star*line, Niteblade, Mad Scientist Journal, and the anthologies “Life in Me Like Grass on Fire” and “Suffer The Little Children.” Dr. Grier contemplates various astronomy facts and speculative fictions at and @grierja on Twitter.