Soul Searching by Anne Carly Abad

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Narrated by Anne Carly Abad

Soul Searching

Soul Searching by Anne Carly Abad
Illustration by Sue Babcock
What I say, do +
The(ir.e) input

	--a gossamer film
over my estranged body


I slither along the
algorithmic stitching,
my searchable name and image:

I am cache, I am sound,
I am a link, I am a like
I am filtered. I am #tagged.
I am secured. I am hacked.
I am one, I am zero.

The electrons assume my very DNA
	so     many     pieces     of     me

in you, 
          in memory, 
                         in deletion

I keep typing my name in a box.
a stream of I am.

BIO: Anne is planning to take up gemology to expand her knowledge of shiny things. She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize for her poem &;quot;The Bitter Gourd’s Fate&;quot;, which was published by Niteblade. Her work will appear or has appeared in NameL3ss Digest, Apex, and Edwin E. Smith’s Quarterly Magazine. Her science fiction / fantasy novel, &;quot;The Light Bringer’s Kingdom&;quot; is soon to be released by Zharmae Publishing Press. Get a first look at her new book at: