Sakura by Rekha Valliappan

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Narrated by Rekha Valliappan

Rekha Valliappan, "Sakura"
Illustration by Sue Babcock


the staggering beauty of the earth,
edge-blown, lithe, a-flutter; bathe

in sakura. languish to a pinking sky,
every bud the ghost of a moment

movement, leaf bud, shifting in shades,
magenta, carmine, cherry blossoms, rose

pink of dianthus, blush peach in branches,
wind stirs around fuchsia, amaranth,

we will pass into coral, cerise,
gliding traces oblivion leaves behind.



BIO: Former college lecturer in India and Malaysia, Rekha Valliappan earned her M.A. in English Literature at Madras University and her LL.B. (Hons) at University of London. Her  works are published in Eastern Iowa Review, Thrice Fiction Magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Coffin Bell Journal, Intellectual Refuge, Indiana Voice Journal, Friday Flash Fiction, Third Flatiron Anthology, The Ekphrastic Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, and others. She won Boston Accent Lit’s Short Story Award and was named in Across The Margin’s Best of Fiction List 2017. Recently she has been shortlisted in Ouen Press Short Story Competition 2017. She lives in New York and volunteers her spare time to the community.