The Rodin Show by John Hayes

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The Kiss inhales my sight

I wonder

do their tongues

exchange saliva?

Do marble bodies throb?

Has monotony stolen their desire?

I long to stroke unyielding skins

find signs of vibrant life.

Across the room, hand inside his cloak

Balzac watches my desire

joins my study

of a young woman’s torso

no arms

bronze flesh

hard breasts

Would she weep if given life?

I glide my fingers

along her curvature of hip

a guard reacts

to this endearing touch.

Unceremoniously he escorts

me from the room.

At the exit, I wave a kiss

into her parted lips.


Previously published in: Manorborn, 2005 and Life In Me Like Grass On Fire, 2011

AUTHOR BIO: John is a sculptor always looking for another place to exhibit. He gives poetry readings, acts and directs in Community Theater. He appeared as a scurvy looking corpse on Homicide and as a shopper on WIRE. Laurel Mill Playhouse and Greenbelt Arts Center produced his one-act play, The Pranksters. The MacGuffin, The Meadow, Flesh and Blood, Aoife’s Kiss, Thema, BareBone, Modern Haiku, Writers Journal, Premonitions are some of the magazines that published his work.