Perry Mc Daid is guest fiction editor

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Perry McDaid: Loving words from primary school, Perry McDaid BSc(Hons), DipLCW, DMISP, began his adventures in the library before he hit double figures. Trying to reproduce them came shortly afterwards, and he pursued the hobby through college. With the exception of the first couple of years of his career in the civil service in various departments – and the discovery of interesting activities associated with dances – his love of writing never waned, and his movement between houses and temporary digs were always associated with a bulk of newly imagined scenarios and scribbled verse.

It was the acclaim his ghost-writing on an article received in a local magazine, shortly followed by an offer to devise a puzzle book which gave him the confidence to actually submit some of the hoard for publication in 1994. Since then he has been caught between gobbling up all the new ideas suggested by his muse and seeking to complete grand projects begun in the eighties. Paladin of Tarrthála was one such long-burner. His poetry and short stories can be readily accessed on line and the poetry is on display in the Irish Exhibition based in the USA.

He is a prizewinning poet and writer whose work has appeared in the publications of four continents and distributed in five. He had to retire on ill-health, but still challenges himself with whatever course takes his fancy – various computer courses and currently a Masters in Teaching. It’s slower on the Open University, but keeps the brain alive. He also dabbles in art, DIY and gardening for therapeutic reasons (he thinks) and is currently an active part of a project to produce hand-crafted souvenirs for the upcoming UK City of Culture in Derry where all proceeds go to a registered charity.

He tries to be unseen, hiding with his family on the lip of Derry City, Ireland, beneath the gaze of the Donegal Hills.