Passing Words by Phil Capitano

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Narrated by Phil Capitano

Passing Words by Phil Capitano
Illustration by Sue Babcock


Do you remember when I was six? So full of energy and dreams.
You said, “Go to school and fill your head with books
and your heart with prayer.” So I did. And that worked for a while.

Until I was sixteen and looking for my way, so full of rebellion and rage.
You said, “Don’t change the world, but find your place in it.”
I thought about this and realized they were not just passing words
but a code to live by. And that worked for a while.

Until I was thirty with three girls in tow. And I was confused, looking
for meaning in my life. You said, “Don’t look to the sky for answers
just look into those little eyes; there’s where you’ll find the meaning of life.”
So I did. And that worked for a while.

Until I reached middle age and felt mortality grip me and sorrow
wrapped my soul like heavy chains. In the midst of my darkness
you said, “This is the cycle of life; flowers grow, bloom and wither.
Healing will come.” I came to realize these were not just passing words,
but the process of living. And that worked for a while.

Until now, when I have to seal myself from anguish of seeing you
pass into shadow. And as I wallow in the pools of Why? and What For?
I hear you say, “Remember me in your heart, I will live forever there.”
I hope that works for a while.


BIO: Originally from London, Ontario where he studied English Literature at the University of Western Ontario, Phil Capitano now resides in Muskoka living a quiet and simple life under dark skies. Phil’s poems dance between the cosmos and daily life bringing a deeper understanding to ordinary events. An award-winning poet, his work has appeared in anthologies, newspapers and online.