Ordinary Heroes by Wes Sims

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Ordinary Heroes by Wes Sims
Illustration by Sue Babcock
Dawn yawned the day half-awake.
Cardinals jostled the morning,
circled the sunflower feeder. 
The sun pulled itself from treetops
limb to limb. It glared
at a murder of crows
flocking to the aid of a brother 
disputing with the blue jays.
The sky grimaced, a swarm
of clouds from the north
plotted to hide the sun, 
bring back the night.
The west wind whined.

A pair of common house sparrows 
proclaimed their trust in the future,
chirped their mutual admiration. 
She fluttered feathery charms, 
he responded with breakfast, 
served one grain at a time.
They sealed their promises with kisses
of millet and maize.
The wind sighed a hymn of gratitude 
and pushed the clouds back 
over the horizon. The sun beamed
like a proud parent. Mother
of morning smiled
and allowed Day to continue.


BIO: Wesley Sims has published one chapbook of poetry, When Night Comes, Finishing Line Press, Georgetown, Kentucky, 2013. His work has appeared in Connecticut Review, G.W. Review, Wisconsin Review, The South Carolina Review, Praxis Magazine, The Avocet and others. He lives in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. His hobbies include reading, writing, camping, and photography.