Ode to Noble Gases by Lee Todd Lacks

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Narrated by Lee Todd Lacks

Ode to Noble Gases by Lee Todd Lacks
Illustration by Sue Babcock
Are you light yellow helium,
like the call drinks they mix
at this dubious lounge?
A medicated fit of spontaneity,
confessing the sins
you have yet to commit.
Or, are you xenon?
Aquamarine beam,
bright eyes of the police  
shaming dissolute streets.
Are you krypton?
Ghostly green in the jeweler’s window, 
like the aged merchant
dealing jade and courtship,
Or, radon 
lurking in a thousand dark basements?!
For those wretched souls
who knew you first, 
who saw your awful glow,
could not have heeded
your deep red warning.
could not have broken
your deadly tryst.

Are you argon?
Pale lavender blue,
the only diner open
this late, rainy night.
Softly mystifying
thrift store hue,
suppressing all thought
with hips and scent.

Then, you must be neon,
reddish-orange kiss
groping in the doorway of
some seamy motel. 
Wet locks give way to
fingers and keys 
and hours and hours
of singular bliss.


BIO: A mixed-media artist, music therapist, and clinical counselor, Lee Todd Lacks seeks to blur the distinctions between rants, chants, anecdotes, and anthems. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Alembic, Tincture Journal, Latchkey Tales. and Clockwise Cat. He resides in South Portland, Maine, where he lives happily with his wife and young son.