Near Lake Superior by Gary W. Bloom

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Narrated by Gary W. Bloom
 While the campfire burns
 We take turns
 Going as far as we dare
 Into the charcoal night
 How dark it gets
 Without city lights
 A sky full of pinpoints
 In a black blanket
 And fear only 
 A few steps away
 And then such happiness
 When seeing your face
 In this firelight.

BIO: Gary Bloom was born in Minneapolis and attended what is now Minnesota State University- Mankato, where he majored in sociology. He later studied computer science at The University of Minnesota and The University of New Orleans. He has been a teaching assistant in a psychiatric hospital, an English teacher in Taiwan, a driving instructor for the disabled, and a computer programmer. He was stock boy of the year at Evenson’s Cards and Gifts in 1973. His articles, photography, and poetry have been published in newspapers, magazines and websites, including Grit, Milwaukee Magazine, Pif, The Buffalo News, The Grand Rapids Press, Oasis, Mankato Poetry Review, Art Times Journal, Poetry Quarterly, and Black Diaspora. He is retired and lives in Mississippi.