Midnight Mainstream by J. Rohr

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Narrated by J. Rohr


Please take note of the exits.
There are none.
Enjoy the lack of chance
As FDR comes rolling in,
a werewolf genocide
in a wheelchair,
flanked by
nude nuns with shotguns
from a willing hobo.
(Dear god no!)
Yaphet Kotto
with his Oscar
pimps across the lawn
to slap Nichelle Nichols
and pump a round in Isaac Hayes.
Oh the glory days —
here and then,
now and back when.
The bigger they are
the harder they come.
Superfluous tits
are still orgasmic.
Blood on every canvas!
Calling all ushers:
there’s a sanguine stain
down all the aisles.

midnight moves around
to polish highdeas:
2 Mexicans = 1 Desperado.

Wasted on maybe
chance the open road
where all the bends hide
motorcycle madmen,
and spring heeled Jacks.
But if we’re lucky
we’ll roll through
any every town
Where the plot is sure.
So grab an axe if you’re able.
Because space is full of clowns
waiting to go cannibal;
war machines
made to serve
go psychotic
from coast to coast
Along with
genetic wonders
no one ever should’ve
Brought to life —
They’ll crash the kegger, man.
Look out for landsharks,
and shoddy cyborgs.
We’ll escape from Megalodon
on surfboards
just before
getting trapped in a bar
to be the smorgasbord
for desert/mountain/backwoods
Stop for the sideshow
if you never
want to go home.
Drink a bottle of whiskey
to erase a head
thinking too hard.
It’s all a nightmare
Texas chainsaw mire.
One step leads to sinking.
Deeper means less.
Just fuck the flamingo,
Spill those guts,
And if needs be
Have some coffee.
Wake for the escape.
Flee the room
Or stay to learn
New shapes of laughter,
Sex, and terror
Beyond compare.

Wise so
16 millimeters
is all it takes
To spread,
unreel madness.



AUTHOR BIO: J. Rohr is an internationally published author. A Chicago native, he has a passion for history and midnight barbeques.  Currently, he runs the blog www.honestyisnotcontagious.com in order to deal with the more corrosive aspects of everyday life.