Lunar Lighthouse Keepers by Garth Pavell

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Someday people will live in the moon’s lighthouse,
drift to bed quite literally and wake to a black dawn.

They will look up and see Earth’s magnanimous true
blue and think it’s just a bit cold and distant at times. 

Perhaps they will pity ships in their electromagnetic
lanes where perpetual night suckles their lunar wick. 

During downtime they will joyride on rovers, swig
beer on greenhouse porches and wave to neighbors.

And they will never suffer from being locked in until
it becomes apparent Earth’s sick atmosphere escaped.

BIO: Garth Pavell’s poetry has been published or is forthcoming in American Diversity Report, Crab Creek Review, Drunk Monkeys, Hole In The Head Review, Main Street Rag, Mudfish, Poetry Super Highway, SLAB, The Writing Disorder, and elsewhere. He writes in the night of New York City.