Literary Fiction – Introduction by Kevin Wallis

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When Liquid Imagination started publishing literary stories, we weren’t sure what kind of response to expect; we had always been known for our modern fantasy, horror and sci-fi. But the stories in this issue’s batch proves that we made the right decision, so sit back, relax, and enjoy four tales that will touch your heart and make you think.

Visit a graveyard where you’ll never be sure who will be buried next. Sit at the bedside of a dying man and find peace with him. Ride shotgun with a lost man searching for his second chance at love lost. And delve into the mind of a man obsessed with disaster. Whichever story you read, you will come away with more on your mind than you started with.


The Sea Shall Have Them
The Sea Shall Have Them by D. Thomas Minton
A Second Chance
A Second Chance by David Shames









Memory by Lucy McKee
St. James’ Cemetery
St. James’ Cemetery by John Davies