LI Issue 13 Introduction

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by Sue Babcock

Due to outside commitments, John “JAM” Arthur Miller, the creator and publisher of Liquid Imagination, has stepped away from LI. He has been such an inspiration, and will be sorely missed. However, be assured that LI will continue. Our great editors (Kevin, Chrissy and Brandon) continue to … well, edit. The narrator (Bob) will narrate. And the managing editor (that’s me, Sue) will continue to manage. I am also now the “publisher.” We will continue to have our usually collection of heart wrenching, palm-sweat-inducing intense stories, poems and flash.

It has been a journey for me, one that I have enjoyed every step of the way: from engineer to novice writer (I don’t claim to have ever advanced past the novice level) to editor to website builder and designer and now publisher. What a joy it is to work with some of the most wonderful people I have know – the staff at LI, our writers, and our readers! Without them, LI would not exist.

A key figure in my journey has been always been JAM. He was there for me when I began writing, and again when he dreamed of Liquid Imagination and offered me to join him on his journey to find this dream. Thank you, JAM, for all that you’ve done.

In Issue 12 JAM spoke of LI being race horse, gathering more and more speed as it matured and moved forward. I share that ideal. LI is transitioning, hopefully to an ever better future.