LI Issue 12 Introduction

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by John “JAM” Arthur Miller

February 2012

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Liquid Imagination - TransitionsEvolving from one transitional phase to another is the way of people, and of organizations. We either break down and erode into oblivion, or we grow and thrive. The strong eventually stand tall like one of those erect cacti in the middle of a desert. Only the oblivious, the unsuspecting, or the incredibly naïve, who are caught between decaying and growing, between dying and living, don’t know that it’s time to fade away.

So where is LI going? Fading? Absolutely not. You see, LI is evolving, growing and excelling. The best way to describe LI is to forget erosion analogies and to cast from our minds metaphors of corroding metals and dead things dropping to rot on forest floors. You have to forget about projects crumbling into disarray when you look at this online magazine, for LI has never faltered. Our quality has never succumbed to deadlines. We have never accepted poorly written work just to have something to publish. LI is growing stronger with each issue.

LI is like cacti shooting out spindles, like trees reaching for the skies, or like a young thoroughbred racing through clover. Yes, that’s the way I see LI: as a stallion racing proud and free, brazing wind and elements as it speeds faster than its competitors.

LI has evolved and grown stronger than it’s ever been. The stories in this issue are collected like the sheen on the stallion’s flanks as it races uphill, its hooves thundering, its nostrils flaring with desire. Read Second Chance or Comfort Lines and you’ll see that we’re growing as an online magazine, that we’re evolving as a team of editors and wordsmiths and artisans.

That’s not to say that our past stories are anything less. No, those old stories have helped make us what we are today. Every single one of our stories is extremely well written with nary a typo (read them for yourself and see why they bring us so much pride). Each story or poem becomes one piece of the feed and nourishment for this stallion’s race.

However, just like a thoroughbred, we cannot help but run faster and better today than we ever did while young. As we continue to grow stronger and faster, we will sprint past the grandeur achieved yesteryear, and will continue to evolve in quality for future issues. That said, I daresay that our stallion Liquid Imagination Online has broken records for this current issue.

See for yourself. Read Issue 12 then ask yourself if you can write as well as the contributors of this issue. If you’re the least bit honest, you may surprise yourself. That’s because it’s the nature of the beast, the theory of evolution applied to the publishing world. I wish I could write fiction or pen poetry like the contributors of this issue.

Like a beast of nature, LI is trapped by evolution in a publishing world whose pages are crimped by the seal of quality. This quality seal contains the timeless adage, Only the strong survive. Nothing could be more accurate than the truth.

All you have to do is examine Duotrope’s newsletter to discover how many new publishers and ezines vanish after only a year. Most ezines don’t even last that long, and those that do almost never hit four-years-running as we have.

Now let’s examine LI, the thoroughbred before you now. The hooves smashing the hillside are thundering with powerful words and marvelous stories such as Coming Home and Dissociative Identity, Early’s Garage and Living with a Giant Squid. Those stories resound splendidly throughout the publishing-glen through which our stallion runs.

As this speedster hits its stride at the hilltop, his hooves beat out a new tempo, quicker and faster. This faster tempo reflects the microfiction of Fast-laners and Nightmare and Taking Shape and Within a Picture Frame, quick reads full of quality and life.

Then the stallion rears on its hindquarters, neighing majestically, portraying the poetic elegance of The Ballad of Things and Juncture, as well as other poems, stories and micro-pieces not mentioned here.

The point is that Liquid Imagination Online is better than it’s ever been before. It’s the way of evolution, the nature of the publishing world. If the only way to prove to you that we’re getting better is to get you to read this issue, then do it. Let us prove ourselves to you. You will be amazed.