Our Journey by Emmanuel Aduse-Poku

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Our Journey by Emmanuel Aduse-Poku
Illustration by Sue Babcock
Now that night has fallen on us,
Where do we go from here
Trekking all the way far from future
Into this unsuspected past
With its expanse of woody ruins,
Infested ponds and blinding shadows?

Where do we find the new fatherlands
Through this corporeal darkness without moons?
The lantern cans are dry
And the wick in our lamps too exhausted
To draw kerosene. It is the fuel

Of hope we clutch now,
Which gropes through the touchable darkness.
Perhaps to make us stumble
Upon the tales of our ancestors
And the utopia of repose the wise men foretold.

Until then, we shall tighten our belts
Of fortitude till the moon awakens from her eternal somnolence
To enlighten the path we once had glimpsed,
The foreshadowed path to ineffable rich lands
Where we can warm the next generation.


BIO: Aduse-Poku Emmanuel is a male Ghanaian writer who likes to reveal unspoken events on paper through an art of crafted Language. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Earth Science from University of Ghana. He likes reading poems and gets inspiration from poets like the late Kofi Awoonor.