Issue 48 Introduction to Fiction by Edwin Riddell

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Inanimate objects spring into action, and vice-versa. There’s a nightmare incarnation of a Satnav turned vigilante, and some welcome outer space science fiction. All human life – not to mention animatronic, alien and tree forms – is here. As are many of the cardinal virtues of storytelling:  suspense, dramatic tension and psychological insight.

It’s harder to find a common theme, perhaps, though a certain nostalgia for home or childhood pertains. It may not escape notice that not one but two creepy doll stories find their way into this issue. I make no apology. Save for the possibility that selection was skewed by resurfacing memories of carrying out judicial executions of a teddy bear after a scolding for some childhood transgression. Readers will surely have their own insights into what I heartily commend as another first-class selection of tales. The bonus for us all is some terrific writing.