Introversion by Michelle Iannantuono

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Narrated by Michelle Iannantuono


Intorversion by Michelle Iannantuono
Illustration by Sue Babcock


I walk among a city of ghosts, where everyone looks the same.

It’s not the past that’s haunting me, but a future worth weeping for.


Locked in a box, lined with lead and salt, maybe straddling a fence inside.

Both dead and alive but safe from what’s pending, so I can close my eyes.


Diamonds crack, steel melts, and solid shadows pass through my body.

They’re nothing but the moon’s eclipse, a shade of what should exist.


I pound the walls to scream right back, silent under the drone.

Maybe if I scrape hard enough, truth will appear under the history.


Twenty thousand grabbing claws in a single city block.

The ghosts want to tug me out of my shell, but I think they’re dead for a reason.


BIO: Michelle Iannantuono is a balanced blend of 90s teen sitcoms, sympathetic villains, and Beastie Boys songs. She studied chemistry at the College of Charleston, but made time for Screenwriting and Creative Fiction along the way. She’s been everything from a waitress to a NASA intern, and chronicles her writing journey on her blog, Aether House. Her first published works will appear in Liquid Imagination and The Voices Project this year.