Introduction to Poetry for Issue 39 by John C. Manone

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First, I want to recognize the nominees for a couple prestiegious awards:

2018 Puschcart Prize
“Sakura” Rekha Valliappan Issue 37 May 2018
“A Postcard to Janice” William Doreski Issue 37 May 2018
“I will tell you only this” Babo Kamel Issue 38: Aug 2018
“The Psycho-Maid’s Dream” Mack W. Mani Issue 39: Nov 2018
“Cardinal” Patricia Hope Issue 39: Nov 2018

2018 Best of the Net
“Keeping Room” by Ann Thornfield-Long Issue 34: Aug 2017
“Bare Bones Band” by Wesley Sims Issue 34: Aug 2017
“Prehistoric Strigiformes” by Patricia Hope Issue 35: Nov 2017
“The Woman With Leaves in Her Hair” by Stephanie Smith Issue 35: Nov 2017
“This is Not a Poem of the Articulate Rain” by William Doreski Issue 37 May 2018
“Cataclysm Days: Arizona Conservatives Revert to Old Forms of Worship” by Chuck Von Nordheim Issue 37 May 2018

Second, please enjoy another group of talented poets for the November 2018 issue (39) over the holidays:

“The Never Dormant Sea” by Jennifer Ihasz
“The Plastic Woman” by Charles Leggett
“The Psycho-Maid’s Dream” by Mack W. Mani
“Requiem” by Anja Benevento
“Cardinal” by Patricia Hope