Introduction to Issue 51 Fiction by Edwin Riddell

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Selection for this issue was again very difficult. We had yet another bumper postbag, and there was notably high quality among the submissions.

So, as we have said before, contributors really should not take their stories missing out to heart. Yes, there are occasionally pieces that fail on elementary grounds. These are pretty rare. It’s much more the case that in going for a particular style or feel to the publication, one is drawn to certain qualities.

If it’s not a contradiction, variety plays a big part. There is, to my mind, something of an obligation to accommodate a range of technical or thematic approaches. Originality is an obvious plus. In this edition, we have a story about a mind-altering pair of spectacles and another about an Inca revival. There is a ghostly magnificence in our opening tale and much to haunt the imagination in what follows. I hope readers will enjoy the stories as much as I have. As ever, we are grateful for the continuing support and enthusiasm from all contributors.