Introduction to Issue 25 Fiction by Perry McDaid

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Liquid Imagination Issue 25For summer, with the help of six excellent stories, I have decided to either spoil your downtime entirely (mischievous waggling of eyebrows allowed to grow wild for the occasion) or to urge you to enjoy it all the more.

This issue we immerse readers in a melange of imagining and recollection ranging from surreal Manga-esque social commentary to eerie temporal slippage; deluging them with the persecution of obsession and the horror of updated superstition creeping into our world from a dark corner; and having them flinch at the sound of an ordinary summer annoyance for fear of its peril, then remind them that in a finite life memories and people are to be treasured, because not all ends are happy.

All this in a set of exceptionally entertaining tales expertly told. The theme is “Living”. I’m sure you will get the link. Enjoy your downtime.