Introduction to Issue 22 Fiction by Perry Mc Daid

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intro1Stories are born from human virtues and frailties, and the skill to weave these concepts into a tapestry which entertains and inspires: themes which freeze the blood and warm the heart.

In this August 2014 issue I have focused on sometimes quirky aspects of virtue: from frightening forgiveness to theurgical temperance; from daredevil diligence to horrifying humility; and from a cosmically cold kindness to the charity of a chubby mosca.

Words are fun in themselves. The stories in this issue represent a wide spectrum of the art we call creative writing and its close connection with art as a whole.

Next issue (November 2014), we will be introducing Shahid Khan as a Guest Editor. I hope you afford him the welcome I continue to enjoy and keep those wonderful stories coming.

See you in February.