Introduction to Issue 34 Fiction by Gary Fields

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Choosing stories for this issue of Liquid Imagination was both challenging and rewarding. I was able to read thirty to forty excellent pieces, but only had the resources to choose six (readers and writers alike can help in this regard by clicking here; donate to Silver Pen Writers via PayPal).

Having sent back all those great stories, you can be assured the ones chosen are of the highest quality in both construction and story originality.

This issue features a wide variety of speculative fiction. You will read about serenading ghosts (Duet), lethal proximity (Numb), communications with a beast of lore (Love Notes), an apocalyptic outcast (Prom Night), a twist on ancient mythology (Alpine Silence), and a mingling of science fiction and religion (The Guest in the Machine).

I hope our readers are as entertained as me in absorbing these fantastic tales!

Fondest regards,

Gary Fields

LI Guest Editor

Silver Pen Writers Board of Directors Member