Grind House by T.R.Click

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grind-househe’s deadly trivial in the morning

thinks himself an auteur of horror

a newly minted incarnation of Argento

i have no desire to tell him that Terror

travels closely and isn’t planning to

stay hidden by the night

if he wanted to make his introduction

he could have made inquiries of the

proper keepers of old and secret rites

but now he’s made himself a nuisance

and my employer isn’t pleased. so I have

to make some trouble, I might even have

to make some naked lady scream

that’s the problem with these posers.

they keep meddling with the Fallen and Disgraced

and when the carnage is done, I’m the one hiding

bodies and bringing mercy for the pain


AUTHOR BIO:  T.R.Click lives in the upstate of South Carolina with multiple cats and his wife of sixteen years. His work has appeared in Star*Line, Abyss & Apex, and Illumen. By day he works in industry. By night he writes of things hiding just beyond the edge of vision…