For Artemis Has Heard Their Cries by Beth Cato

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she walks, smooth as death

For Artemis Has Heard Their Cries by Beth Cato
For Artemis Has Heard Their Cries

Artemis, Diana–

huntress on hunt

she wears skin hued cinnamon

a skirt too short

eyes smoldering and wide

innocent yet something more


in contrast to other, pale denizens

she is exotic

in other words: a victim

if asked to speak

her plump lips know to hesitate

how her tongue must stumble

to cast her eyes to grimy gutters

confuse verbs, drop subjects

form her smile as timid apology


high heels echo and splash

as she sashays the canyons of

this asphalt jungle

other women

cling to shadows and crosswalks

fear lingers in the musty air

the taste of iron

the taint of death

again, again, again


that is why she is here

she has heard their pleas

across time and distance

they asked for god, and she has arrived

the huntress, playing prey

she tastes the air

tilts an ear


her cell phone is a bow

her camera, an arrow

blood-red fingernails nets

to snare DNA


footsteps thud behind her

she smiles, heart quickening

onward she walks



BIO: Beth Cato’s poetry can be found in The Christian Science Monitor, The Pedestal Magazine, Every Day Poets, and on various pieces of paper crammed into her purse. She lives in Arizona, but is from Hanford, California. Her website is