Exotic Bird Feast by Shannan Mann

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You tumble

in through the window.

A curl of the wind, fringed

on a pike of sunlight. A bird

with an orange breast and a

wing expanse like the mouth

of a monster. You eat me

gulp-whole as if I were

an egg. You eat with

out a swallow or a

lick. Now I grow

fat in your gut.

So, try lifting






Shannan Mann is a young writer and actor based in Ontario, Canada. She seriously hope to make a living off of these two professions and therefore, she says, you may call her seriously absurd. She loves absurd things and often taken inspiration from them. She is traveler at heart. She enjoys fall more than winter and spring more than fall. She reads a lot. She writes some. She reads out loud whenever she can. She has a little brother, also known as a ‘sometimes-muse’. She’s trying to love and live in the present, current, inexhaustible moment.