End Credits by Gretchen Tessmer

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Narrated by Cretchen Tessmer

End Credits by Gretchen Tessmer
Illustration by Sue Babcock

I’ll expect a classy end, you know…

big bang deconstruction
post-modern soirée
black holes with ties undone and
everyone drunk
on star smoothies

swirled with fire, ice
and screaming silence

(sure, a little violence)

followed by the orchestra rising

brass sounds
trumpets and percussion
with a big band to play us out

a spray of champagne bubbles scattered

and falling up
or down, depending on perspective

with Lawrence Welk bowing

(and then, a little dancing)

because everything
should end with a little dancing

au revoir
auf wiedersehen


BIO: Gretchen Tessmer is a writer/attorney based in the U.S./Canadian borderlands. She writes both short fiction and poetry, with work appearing in Nature, Strange Horizons and F&SF, among many other venues. For news of publications and upcoming projects, follow her on Twitter: @missginandtonic