That Dry Feeling by Lisa Timpf

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That Dry Feeling by Lisa Timpf
Illustration by Sue Babcock
he’s chasing a ghost
of a buried lake
left behind by others

his instruments tell him
it’s almost close enough
to touch to taste

every time he gets close
it moves away to pop up
somewhere else

at night
he dreams of water
the wasteful luxury

of dishwashers 
long hot showers
swimming pools

the thick texture
of watered lawns
under bare feet

in the morning
he wakes up thirsty
renews the search

Sisyphus rolling his rock
up a relentless hill


BIO: Lisa Timpf is a retired HR and communications professional who lives in Simcoe, Ontario. Her writing has appeared in a variety of venues, including New Myths, Third Flatiron, The Martian Wave, and The Dogs of War anthology.