I am dreaming my name by Will Mayer

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Narrated by Will Mayer

I am dreaming my name by Will Mayer
Illustrated by Sue Babcock
I am dreaming my name
I dream my name is Aihoiyah
I dream Aihoiyah means God’s secretary — His filter
I am dreaming my son
I dream his life before this life
I dream he is older than his body — And that he remembers
I am dreaming I see the face of the creator
I am dreaming I know the answers I most seek
I am dreaming that I have knowledge
I am dreaming before
I am dreaming now
I am dreaming later— as it is now
I am dreaming in images and colors — in tastes and odors — in emotion
I am dreaming everything I need or will need
But when I awake I will remember only a glimpse — a nonsense
Of caterpillars guarding a mansion
Of fish swimming in the air
And I will laugh
And I will forget — all that I have learned. 

AUTHOR BIO: Will Mayer is an adjunct English professor at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. His other activities include running a small business, combing yard sales, and attending to three small children. He is a former member of the editorial staff for SpacesLitMag.com, The Dos Passos Review, and the Liberty Champion. Will was also a reader for the 0-60 play writing competition and the Liam Rector First Book Prize for Poetry. Past publications have appeared in Ambit, Spark: A Creative Anthology, Every Day Fiction, Page & Spine, The Germ, 4’33”, Lamplight, The Cynic, Central Virginia Bridal Guide, and twice over at The Stoneslide Corrective. You can find more information about him and where you can read more of his work at mayerwill.wix.com/author. You may have previously seen him in his roles as a hula dancer, ne’er-do-well luchador, mediocre artichoke farmer, or opera phantom, but you would have had to be looking in exactly the wrong places at all the wrong times.