Building A Home by Andrew Ciaccio

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Building A Home by Andrew Ciaccio
Illustration by Sue Babcock
Put up your walls
Set support beams against the storm
	String wires
	Take light to empty rooms:
You at the table
Me at the edge of the earth
	Insulate them entirely
	Plaster everything inside
	Paint all four three-coats deep
But know that when you leave
I can still punch a hole
And let the years pour out 
	The walls will stand and sing songs
	The ceiling will sag with stories
	About what was—
The fall evening I held your hand
While everything fell apart
	Blood moon at the door
	Winter winds in the windows 
	Phone ringing into the floor
	Walls whispering
To an empty home


BIO: Andrew got his start in the word business delivering Warren Buffett’s newspaper. Now he makes a living as a freelance writer working on commercials. He also writes poetry, prose and text messages.