Brain Food

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by Guy Belleranti

“Larry, you’re amazing,” said Lola. “You seem to know everything.”

“Not yet I don’t,” he said as he swung his car off the highway and onto a small country road. “I’ve crammed plenty of science, history and language into my brain, but I still need more smarts in mathematics.”

“I could help you. Math’s my major.”

He grinned. “I know. That’s why I asked you out tonight.”

“Where are you taking me?”

“Some place very special.”

Never had Larry felt so excited. He’d brought many brilliant unsuspecting minds to his cabin the past few months, building his knowledge with each one. Tonight, Lola would provide the final piece.

First, he’d drug her drink. When she passed out, he’d cover the floor with a heavy drop cloth, haul out his extra special fold-up table and strap her down. Then he’d get his skull saw and dining implements. The bumpy learning period with his first couple donors had taught him to have everything ready including plate and utensils. For maximum benefit, the donor’s brain must be devoured quickly, before any cells died. He couldn’t wait to feast on Lola’s brain.

“I know what you’ve been doing,” she said.


“Math isn’t my only talent. I also read minds. I know everything that’s in yours. How you’ve acquired your knowledge and whose brains you’ve eaten to get it.”

He slammed the brakes and grabbed for her, but she’d already leapt from the car and vanished into the night.

“You’ll never get away!” he screamed. He jerked the keys from the ignition and tore after her. “You hear me? You’ll never get away. I know this area like the back of my hand.”

He could hear her moving in the brush.

Read minds? Was that possible? Would the ability transfer to him?

A branch slapped his face. He bit back a curse. Gotta be quiet. Make a lot of noise and she’ll know where I am.

He stood rigid, listening hard. Damn, she must be reading my thoughts. She’s stopped moving. Knows it’s her only hope. But it won’t work. I’ll keep searching until I flush her out. I’m gonna find you, my little mathematical marvel. There’s no escape. No way you–

She slammed into him from behind, knocking him to the ground. Before he could rise, she was on top of him, jamming her thumbs into his eyes. He screamed and tried to throw her off.

She smashed a rock against his skull. “Your knowledge is now mine,” she said, as her teeth tore his brain into bite size morsels.


BIO: Guy Belleranti’s writing has appeared in over 200 different publications for adults and children. In addition, a number of his mystery and horror short stories are available at His website is