Belch by Jason Sturner

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Narrated by Todd Nelsen



The planet hasn’t been this warm for millions of years. Jungle is the new skin. A spinous beast of flesh-and-stone comes along and gnaws on the dying cities, swallows all it can manage. It gambols along the blossoming curve of earth, grows sluggish as it excretes human remains, coughs up barbed-wire balls of cars and concrete, guns and cell phones, inedible art, the books of false prophets. Now it snaps and bays at the blinding sun, its belly bloated with the lingering, ineffectual screams of monochrome souls. Its gut swells, heaves, rumbles like an angry volcano. And before curling down for another million-year nap it drops its forest-covered jaw and lets out a putrid, roaring belch—expelling the failed god of a thing called Man.



AUTHOR BIO: Jason Sturner grew up along the Fox River in northern Illinois. Of his many jobs, those he most enjoyed were elevator operator, rock drummer, naturalist, and botanist. His stories and poems have appeared in Space and Time Magazine, Star*Line, Tales of the Talisman, Mythic Delirium, and Morpheus Tales, among others. He currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, near the Great Smoky Mountains. Website:
Facebook author page:


NARRATOR BIO: Todd Nelsen’s literary and film interests include horror, fantasy, and science fiction. He cites Stephen King, Robert E. Howard, Hermann Hesse, and R.B. Clague as influences. He is an avid fan of metal music and currently resides in Denver, Colorado, where he writes, reads, and is constantly fantasizing. His short fiction has been featured in numerous publications, including Bizarro Bizarro and Schlock! The Pulpateers.


MUSIC BY Chris Zabriskie (under the Creative Commons license)