You Should Beat My Face in Tonight Or Just Sleep Instead
by Justin Curfman

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Wake up inside the
Softest part
Of my
With blistered fingertips
You should beat my face in tonight
Or just sleep

While I paint a still life
Of a stupid boy
With his mother
And things I can’t see
That lived and died inside them
But still speak to me
And every word is true

I want you to go when you’re done with me
Into a safe life
That doesn’t beg
For sleep at night

Where affection isn’t something infected with
The lust of your father
Your dead friends
Or anything

Slide your tongue across my eyes to taste
How beautiful you are
And waste another day of your life in this
World that starves for
Lonely girls

I want you to be hated
And I want you
To eat yourself
And turn your head and smile
And let your insides
Fall out of your mouth

And maybe it will hurt
Never in the place that counts

I don’t want you to blame me but
You should


AUTHOR BIO: Justin Curfman has published four books and is currently working on his new novel, “Wrecker”. Curfman is the founding member of the music group, Feeding Fingers, within which he has released four albums and has performed throughout the USA and Europe, including two appearances on NPR. He resides in Germany.