Astral Darkness by Dah Helmer

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Astral Darkness by Dah Helmer
Illustration by Sue Babcock

The last hour lies down
in mid-winter’s gully
a frosted string of light
spooled into dark
stitched into fantasy

Flying birds gather the city
in their wings
Ah, to love the birds and their flights
to love the moon’s obsession
to love the softness of light
in stained glass windows

Still glowing a bit from daylight
I turn into evening
Thus in the astral darkness
a figment of ghosts
bobbing their heads

Between rain and clouds
a cool breath opens the uneasy sky
a spindle of dust leaps from the ground

Ah, all of this magic seen
with my human eyes
is everything I believe
everything I stir and drink

O eager child
kindled fire of youth
bare heart of zeal

I stretch my imagination
to little boy impressions
I believe in fairy dust
so that I can exist, so that
fairies can exist, so that
fairies are here, always
and never frightened


BIO: Dah’s fourth book is ‘The Translator’ from ‘Transcendent Zero Press’. His first three books are from ‘Stillpoint Books’. Dah’s poetry has been published by editors from the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Canada, China, Philippines, Spain and India. His poems recently appeared in Lost Coast Review, The Recusant, The Cape Rock, A New Ulster, Acumen Journal, Sandy River Review, Black Market Re-View, The Linnet’s Wings, Harbinger Asylum, The Galway Review and The Canon’s Mouth. Dah lives in Berkeley, California where he is working on the manuscripts for his
fifth and sixth books.