Forgiveness by Ananya Chatterjee

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Narrated by Ananya Chatterjee


Forgiveness Ananya Chatterjee
Illustration by Sue Babcock

Even dragonflies tiptoe through a sea of subdued green

It is strange
how forgiveness comes so easily now.
Now that the air stands still
reluctant to blow.

A night of wakeful wantonness:
all those hours of urgent loving,
of promises as shimmery as
their celestial witness.

And then the blow, the unsaid, adieu,
the abandonment without a warning.

You turned into an island
holding close to your chest
a  maze of fortressed memories
for days.

Yet, now that it’s a different Spring,
the sultry air stands strangely still,
and the wind withholds its watery breath
on island hearts.

It is strange how in these unreal times
there’s no violence left in you,
no desire to avenge, no wish to destroy,
no yearning to undo the errors of youth.
Instead, there’s only gratitude
for all those moonlit nights of dance,
for every urgent love bestowed,
for every unspoken abandonment.

It’s so much easier now to forgive
in this April, absent of breeze.
It’s so much easier to smile and say
“It’s quite alright, it really is.”


BIO: Ananya Chatterjee is a 41 year old software professional working for Oracle India Pvt Ltd. A gold-medalist in Computer Science, and a bi-lingual poet, she is the author of the Amazon bestseller, The Poet & His Valentine, a collection of verses. Another Soliloquy ,The Blind Man’s Rainbow and Un-building Walls are her other poetry collections.
Ananya also worked as a translator for the poems by actor and poet Soumitra Chatterjee, published in the book Forms Within. She lives in Kolkata ,India, with her husband and two children.