Alien on the Edge

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by Guy Belleranti

“Please, Gap Mouth, don’t let me fall.”

Gap Mouth rotated his 4 eyes to better stare down, his fingerroons curling inward into fist-like balls. Borg’s grasp on the plant-life that sprouted from the cliff’s underside was slipping. It wouldn’t be much longer now.

“It’s still not too late,” Borg pleaded. “You can still reach over and pull me up.”

Shut-up, Gap Mouth thought. Just shut your alpha alien hole and let go.

“I didn’t kill Massalaha, Gap Mouth. I didn’t! Yeah, I found out about the two of you. But I didn’t kill her. She must’ve thrown herself off this cliff.”

“No way,” Gap Mouth snarled, his blunt-edged teeth flashing in the purple hued day. “She was going to leave you and your backward clan for a better life. For me.”

“Okay,” Borg said. “Maybe so. I don’t know. Maybe she came out here to the cliffs to think and got too close to the edge. But I didn’t push her. I wasn’t even in the village. Talk to my secretarians. Talk to my alpha alien clients. They’ll tell you I was with them through the two moons.”

Roll a big stone over the edge into Borg’s face, Gap Mouth told himself. Do it for Massalaha, do it for yourself. Borg will lose his slimy hold, and justice will be done.

“Gap Mouth, are you listening? Are you really going to commit murder for nothing?”

Gap Mouth turned away and tried to shut out the alpha alien’s whines. He tried to forget what he had seen the day before — the horrible sight of Massalaha smashed upon the rocks below.

“Pull me up, Gap Mouth,” Borg gasped. “Please. I loved Massalaha just like you did. I could never have harmed her.”

Gap Mouth shook his head. What if he was wrong? What if Borg was innocent? What if, what if, what if! He thought on it another minute and then swung back to the cliff, his decision made. “Okay, Borg. Okay. But you better not be lying.” He bent low, stretching out his fingerroons. “Come on, let go of the plant-life one appendage at a time and grab my fingerroons.”

“You’re not trying to trick me, aren’t planning to toss me, are you?”

“How can I? You’ll be holding on to me.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s right.” Borg released one appendage, grabbed a fingerroon, then did the same with his second and third appendages. “I knew I could depend upon you, friend,” Borg said.

Gap Mouth grunted, and tried backing up to pull Borg to safety.

Borg pulled back.

“Hey, Borg, what are you doing? You’re going to yank me over.”

“Massalaha was my life,” Borg said. “When she told me about you…demanded that I give her up….” Borg’s grip tightened on Gap Mouth’s fingerroons. “I made my decision then, Gap Mouth. If I couldn’t have her no one would, certainly none of your kind. No, no, no!”

Borg’s strong appendages dug in, and Gap Mouth felt himself falling forward…downward.


BIO: Guy Belleranti’s writing has appeared in over 200 different publications for adults and children. In addition, a number of his mystery and horror short stories are available at His website is