A Dog Is My Walden by Dale Williams Barrigar

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A dog is my Walden
Pond, my Whitman Leaves,
My Dickinson Sun-down.

When I walk with her
Through an Illinois River woods
I am brought back to the things

That are essential for us.
	Mind, Heart, Soul 
Look back at me in a different way. 

From his eyes, when the Journey
seems over, I know the bridge
of rainbows lingers somehow
		behind the clouds. 

Diogenes in Alexander’s Sun-beams
Point to another sign, another sign
(Hear the whisper in the corner?)


BIO: Dale Williams Barrigar received a Ph.D. in Creative Writing and American Literature from the University of Illinois Chicago. After 22 years in academia, he had an unexpected career change and became a teacher of reading at Saint Leonard Parish School. He has self-published experimental chapbooks, and has 11 poems in journals like the Columbia Poetry Review. Recently completed 2 poetry collections, after 8 years. Currently living in Illinois with Siberian huskies and pit bulls. “A Dog Is My Walden” was largely inspired by the intelligence of these animals.