#61: cheap apartment living

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by KC Wilder

cracking through apartment walls

giant roaches three feet tall

in my bathtub sometimes crawl

the most repulsive insects in the world

i’m fairly sure


mordred can you hep me

can you hep me

can you hep

meister mordred i implore

be my toxic stevedore


mordred herks & jerks around

his loaded spraycans looking scary

at an infestation he quips

‘this bug nest is hairy’

mordred the exterminator


eighteen inch long cock-a-roaches

scuttle down my halls today

those fantastic horrifying insects

scaring cats away


once again i do my best

spitting at the phone i say

‘hey i need you come & spray’

mordred the exterminator


BIO: KC Wilder , in Joan Miro-like fashion, taps into the collective unconscious and sculpts a stylized pop vernacular. The result is at once painterly and musical, layered with a tongue-in-cheek, brightly colored surreal casing. This distinctive style Wilder calls “fauxbrow”. Recent publishing credits include The Seattle Review, Poetry New Zealand, Pacific Review, Chronogram, Space and Time, Barnwood, Feathertale, Jerseyworks, Silver Blade, Semaphor, Cordite Review, Lichen. Wilder has taught writing at the State University of New York. He’s edited and published a number of award-winning literary journals. Since the 1980s his work has been published in hundreds of literary journals. He’s toured the U.S. and performed his poetry and music in over 30 cities nationwide, accompanied by his own guitar.